Code Violation, Citation – Cook County

Building Code Violation Citation - Chicago - Cook County
Christopher Campbell:

Good morning, everybody. I’m out here in Chicago. I want to talk to you today about building code violations and citations. You can see over here, we had a green citation put on there and a red. Typically what those are are the city coming along and taking a look at your property and saying that there’s some city ordinance that you have violated and you need to be in compliance with. We get those a lot of times from homeowners that have had a property where situation the is they’re no longer able to keep it up or maintain it. It could be the outside. It could be the backyard, whatever the situation is. Typically, we want to respond to those city ordinances and those citations that the city brings to you within 30 days. It’s mandatory to get a jump on that and not wait. The longer you wait, the less likely the city will be able to help you out with your situation.

We got over 50 years of legal experience at Metroplex Cash Homes, and we’ve been working with the city over 50 years. And a lot of times when working with the city and their ordinances and involved in citations, it gets a little tricky. What we try to do is when we meet with homeowners, if you’re renting, if you actually own a home and used to live in it, or the case is you might’ve inherited the property, we try to work to get those things closed out quickly. So it won’t cost you more time and money. Once you get one of these, the city likes to keep coming and coming and coming because you’re in their queue. So you definitely don’t want to have that lien on your property from any local citations from the city or from the county.

It doesn’t matter where you are. If you’re in Cook County, if you’re in Chicago, you don’t want the local government to put you on their list and continually kind of put more and more citations. Like I said, once you’re in the system, they like to go ahead and find new and better things to write your citations about. So the quicker you jump on that, like I said, within 30 days, you need to have some kind of legal response to them. Whether you have met the requirements of that ordinance or you are contesting it, saying it never was out of code. But typically, like I say, within 30 days, you would want to definitely have something back to them.

The rules and ordinances of Chicago or Cook County, you definitely want to make sure that you’re in compliance with those at all times. And definitely if you have a property, like I said, either you’re renting or you inherit it, or you own it and you’re actually living in it and you get one of those signs on your door, you definitely want to make sure that the city is taking care of you guys. So again, like I said, at Metroplex Cash Homes, we have the legal team. We get right on top of that and make sure that the city is not putting any civil actions against you where they put liens against your home and make it very difficult for you to sell your home in any shape or form. We take them in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s like a full gut, whatever, but at Metroplex Cash Homes, we work with the city and we try to get on top of it as soon as possible.

So, like I said, again, local citations, civil cases, responding to those rules and ordinances of the local government, whether it be Chicago, whether it be Cook County or Will County, it doesn’t matter. You want to get your responses in in a minimum of 30 days. So don’t linger. They don’t care that it snowed about a thousand feet or whatever the situation is. You want to pay attention to those citations as soon as you get them and have a physical response within 30 days. If you have any questions, just post a comment down below, or just give us a call at Metroplex Cash Homes. Thank you.
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